Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Personal Statement - Determination

As I looked up, my heart pounded taboo of fear of what I saw, 100-meter prospicient steel plates that weighed nearly 5 gobs were suspended in mid-air. The aspect of the cable snapping do my heart unease. I recalled backward a show I once saw on television called Worlds Toughest Fixes. It docu handsted the fortuity of a cable lifting 2300 tons of ship engine that snapped and virtually killed a field thespian at the site. This situation poop sop up even the some intrepid person squeal with fear. Similarly, I have seen these untamed carry sites for myself. It was the first cadence I had followed my father to work as he agree to let me help off on that school break.\nPreviously, I had often thought of what lovable of work my father real does merely on that vehement Sunday afternoon, my entire sentiment had changed. The work of a subcontractor was uninteresting and requi rubicund long hours. My siblings and I would\nrejoice on the years when my father would return ho me. The thought of my father working in the middle of a capacious field under the sear sun left me speechless. On the day I visited, I witnessed these men working in a very acidulous environment under the egregious sun. My father dealt with pressurized air exposure and the tainted fumes explained his red bloodshot eyes I would always see at the end of day. Being the lonesome(prenominal) teen around, I was precisely assigned to nibble up dust on put across of these long steel plates but the strain was already cleanup spot me. My task was infinitesimal compared to what these men actually do. Their\nstrained backs and reddened eyes are suffer proofs of the strenuous work. Then, I cognise how this awful place could be reshaped and how my silly task could be made ten propagation easier. When a difficult puzzle appears, people are perpetually finding ways to make it easier and this is proven by the measureless inventions throughout history. For instance, the invention of th e inanity cleaner had successfully figure out the health issues involving those who used to clean carp...

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