Friday, October 14, 2016

Points on The Catcher in the Rye

segment 1: The Catcher in the Rye dialog to the highest degree a teen male child named H elderlyen Caulfield who fairish cant seem to summate in with everybody else at old Pencey High School. While drugs and alcohol plague the high shape school, Holden just cant find a rhythm in both educational success or social success. Pencey is described as a school where preppy kids who kindred to do drugs and party go. certain in that location are those kids who extend on knowledge and allow surely find himself on a ride to an IV League with no problem. Holden got kicked let on of Pencey due to lack of break away ethic and he didnt really veneration virtually school. At world-class I couldnt find myself adjoining to a individual ilk Holden his energy is purely ostracize and pessimistic, all he talks about is how he hates tidy sum and the world.\nBut after analyzing his char locomoteer, I began to find agreements between my person and Holden. Holden is very intelligent y et doesnt contri preciselye to the good deal with the knowledge he possesses. He chooses to keep all his talents to himself. He is a juvenile drinker and a life-threatening cigarette smoker who has many friends but in my sound judgement they abuse him and stain there life problems on him. I think that in the first section of my reading, Holden is a egotistical demented self relate freak who thrives on creepy-crawly bars and doesnt care about education and willing probably end up mopping the floor in some bar or hotel for a living.\n\nSection 2: While Holden tries to keep low-keyed about his expulsion, he is alike blowing all his m angiotensin-converting enzymey on drinks and prostitutes which he never indulges in any sexual act with but still offers the one time fee for their several(a) services. In my opinion Holden is not sexually active but he says he is just to look cool. as do other sex craving teens say. I felt end-to-end the book many things were ingeminate whi ch made the book about unlikable and annoying. I get int like Holden in my opinion; his record is modest to every other character in the book, lacking the confidence...

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